Quality Control

In China, Shandong Xinhua Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. is a leading GMP and ISO Certified manufacturer and has been successfully supplying its products to multinational pharmaceutical corporations. Currently, the QC unit is comprised of over 300 technicians, in addition to an R&D Institute of over 100 technical personnel.  The R&D Institute is the National Center for Enterprise Technology Development and Postdoctoral Research. At various points, the company has been audited and approved by the following regulatory groups:

      US FDA

√     EU EDQM

√     Germany MOH

√     UK MHRA

SX Pharma has utilized 25 years of experience with nutraceutical manufacturers in China to carefully select the most reputable producers in the country.  Due to the organization’s value for quality control, the U.S. facility is also GMP certified.  A sample from each batch that enters the facility is sent out to an independent analytical lab  for an identification test by Near Infrared (NIR) Spectroscopy.  Furthermore, appropriate measures are taken in regards to the packaging, storage, and documentation of raw materials.  Every effort is made to efficiently respond to requests for documentation on quality control procedures.  SX Pharma has been providing consistent quality control to leading producers in the nutritional industry.  The company looks forward to continuing its support to organizations that value the integrity of their products.